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Tuesday, 27 August 2019 09:16

Web Feet and Websites = Ducks Unlimited

It is satisfying to see the steady rise of Ducks Unlimited website usage over the last year. Contributing factors are the great work DU are doing in Wairio and country wide, the  improvements we are making to the site, word of mouth and a substantial amount of  traffic directed to us by Google searches, mostly  people looking for information on our webfooted friends.

Also on a rise - the use of our facebook page with now 161 members . It is a great venue to share thoughts, facts and photos on conservation and wetlands. A great place to visit and scroll through the ‘posts’ to get news on DU and other conservation organisations. We are linked with many organisations through Facebook, sharing and exchanging relevant information, as is the social  networking way.

I have proudly been involved with DU’s website and other promotional projects for about three years. In that time the site has had a bit of a facelift, new additions and plenty of changes. Work continues and we look forward to further use of these resources in the coming year.

If you have not visited our website or facebook site we urge you to:


QUACKCLUB (kids club) www. and  


Michelle Cooper



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