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Wednesday, 07 February 2018 03:31

Ruffit Lodge opening day

Amazing how keen some folk are to get out there on opening day, rain or shine, they have the kit ready to go and hope to catch something in their sights….

An inter-generational hunt on Opening Day, with 11 hunters, plenty of camo, (and ammo presumably) and lots of enthusiasm, but no ducks.

But out at Ruffit Lodge on that day as a group trudged through the undergrowth to reach the optimum positions, other exciting things were taking place.

Up to 22 ducklings had huddled together, if  that was wise or not, I do not know, but Julie Candy certainly took a few photos of those little fluffy birds. Julie said there were actually two clutches of duckling, with 22 in one clutch.

And then there was the case of the lost frog. How it ended up on Neil Candy’s thumb I am not sure, but he recognised it as a tree frog – imported of course. 

After a couple of emails to a helpful boffin at Victoria Uni, we had an actual scientific name. The frog is an introduced Australian brown tree frog (or whistling frog) Litoria ewingii. Now how is that for name!

Published in Issue 169
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