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Monday, 22 July 2019 13:21

That time of year – again

Written by Liz Brook
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Decoy: One of those fancy wing flapping splashing toys. Decoy: One of those fancy wing flapping splashing toys.
Game bird hunters are probably all checking their equipment ready for the May 3 Saturday start to the hunting season.

No 1 on the list should be the game bird hunting licence. Check your bank account, the full season licence has gone up one dollar. That’s right $91 this season.
Why the extra dollar? Fish & Game tell me the extra dollar will be going toward Mallard research.
Hunting has become so hi-tech in recent years the ducks really don’t stand a chance. Some hunters spend thousands of dollars in preparation for the season.

The camo gear, the special maimais, and even the decoys mean the ducks are duped into thinking there are real ducks on the water. 

Special paint on the decoy makes them look lifelike. Some decoys are made to look as if they are sleeping or feeding.
There are also decoys that paddle and splash the water. Then there are electronic callers. The ducks don’t really stand a chance…It is just as well there is a bag limit.
Some reminders for your prehunting list:

• Game bird hunting licence, regulations booklet.

• Carry firearms licence at all times.

• Confirm access with landowners.

• Get permit to hunt on Fish & Game and DOC land. • Fix the maimai: leaks, rotten boards seating etc.

• Clean decoys.

• Vaccinations and worming for the dog.

• Check regulations for the region you are hunting in. • Hunt ethically and responsibly.

• Don’t drink and hunt. Alcohol impairs judgement.

• Be a tidy kiwi – take your rubbish when you leave.

Basic safety rules:

• Shotgun in tip-top condition. Check sighting. • Treat every firearm as loaded.

• Store firearms and ammunition safely.

• Always point firearms in a safe direction.

• Load only when ready to fire.

• Always, always - identify your target.

• Check the firing zone.



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