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Monday, 19 March 2018 19:05

Did You Know

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Did You Know?

Ducks Unlimited was incorporated by Joseph Knapp, EH Low and Robert Winthrop in January 29, 1937, in Washington, DC, USA as a result of their concerns (and those of other sportsmen), about the loss of wetlands as habitat for waterfowl and the impact this would have on waterfowl hunting. 
Ducks Unlimited Canada was incorporated in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in March, 1937. Other chapters have since become operation in Latin America, Mexico, New Zealand and Australia. 
Anti-hunting lobbyists have consequently had an historically difficult relationship with DU and accuse DU of simply breeding ducks to be shot.
It was waterfowl hunters intent on preserving their recreational interests who founded DU USA, and it remains a pro-hunting organisation. Supporters counter the anti-hunting lobby by pointing out that many species besides waterfowl live in the habitat restored and protected by DU.  Wetlands  improve the overall health of the environment by recharging and purifying groundwater,  moderating floods and reducing soil erosion.  
DU has become a leader in waterfowl habitat conservation and has conserved more than 12.8 million acres (46,900km²) of waterfowl habitat in North America.
DU USA partners with a wide range of corporations, governments, non-governmental organisations, landowners, and private citizens to restore and manage areas that have been degraded and to prevent further degradation of wetlands. 
DU USA, in keeping with its founders’ intentions, also promotes the continuation of safe and regulated waterfowl hunting.
The majority of financial contributors and members are waterfowl hunters, and over 90 percent of those who read DU’s magazine are hunters.


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