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Monday, 04 September 2017 12:16

Hard Work at Boggy Pond

Steve Playle of the Greater Wellington Regional Council (GWRC) was on the job in early January getting trapping work done around Boggy Pond in the Southern Wairarapa.  
“I started back at GW on the 9th and my first job was to get the trapping work done over 10/11 January.
“Predators caught were 5 ferrets, 1 weasel, 8 rats, 21 hedgehogs, 4 mice, 1 magpie, 1 rabbit and 1 thrush. Water levels were still very high in the Wairio Restoration Block and at the southern end there were a couple of big flocks of Pied Stilts in residence. At Boggy Pond the Royal Spoonbills were back in residence where Tony Silbery took his photos of breeding birds last year. I am assuming there may be breeding taking place again this season.
“The total major predators taken since the trapping commenced in July 2013 now stands at:
  • 62 cats,
  • 140 ferrets,
  • 8 stoats,
  • 53 weasels,
  • 652 hedgehogs and
  • 295 rats.
There was a period prior to Christmas where it went quiet on the ferret scene but obviously there has been some movement over the festive break. It is great to see the water levels so good in the Wairio Restoration Block,” said Steve.
Published in Issue 170