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Thursday, 04 April 2019 23:06

Dogs doing what dogs do at this time of year

City slicker finds her roots - Or is that her webbed feet. 

Rosie is my daughter’s dog, a three–year-old spaniel, and totally a city pet. I was babysitting her while my daughter was shifting house. This was Rosie’s first time in the wilds and she was totally into things. It was the last shoot of the “Home of the Duck” consortium at Broadlands, just down the road from the late David Johnston, and once owned by Ian Pirani. The property has been sold after 25 years.

Smart dog ‘maimai’!!! 

The smartest dog Maimai any side of the Black Stump.

“Tried to get my Architectural group to list this in my portfolio of work. I thought it was rather catching as we all talk about the roof over our heads, they had other ideas - my request was declined.

“Still the dogs like that spot.and they scrap from time to time. 

Watch dog 

De-Jay keeps an intent eye over the wetland. He is the youngest of Ian Jensen’s three Labs.

Ed’s note: Tried to check on the correct spelling of maimai. It seems maimai is the NZ term and then mai-mai is an Australian aborigine hut. And certainly not to be confused with the term Mai-Mai that refers to any kind of community-based militia group active in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to defend their local territory against other armed groups.

Any other ideas on this spelling, caps or not caps, or pronunciation would be welcome.

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Monday, 19 March 2018 19:37

There must be ducks somewhere

Dianne's dogs

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