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Thursday, 04 April 2019 23:43

Trapping at Boggy/Wairio

Written by Steve Playle
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Trapping at Boggy/Wairio in April by Steve Playle resulted in the following critters recorded - 4 cats, 1 ferret, 9 rats, 3 mice, 1 magpie and 17 hedgehogs. 

The grand total came to 15 cats, 36 ferrets, 1 stoat, 9 weasels, 130 hedgehogs, 46 rats, 21 mice, 3 magpies, 1 harrier hawk and 1 rabbit.

Steve also saw a Bittern in Boggy Pond down where the culvert pipes are beside the Boggy stop bank. That photo is on the front cover.

Steve has since put in other trap sites along the new track to the viewing hide out by the spillway.

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