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Thursday, 04 April 2019 22:57

Farewell shorebirds

BirdLife Australia and thousands of people across Australia were invited to farewell Australia’s amazing Shorebirds during April/May.

Every year from late March onwards, thousands of birds leave the shores of Australia to embark on their arduous 10,000km journey northwards to their breeding grounds in Siberia and the Arctic. 

To celebrate this incredible journey, BirdLife Australia launched a nationwide event, Farewell Shorebirds, focusing on the fascinating lives of some of the 35 species of shorebirds.

Farewell Shorebirds ran from mid-April until mid-May, concluding on World Migratory Bird Day (May 10). This campaign highlighted the story of the shorebirds’ annual global migration from Australia to the Arctic, and explores why the birds make this incredible journey and how they rely on Australia’s wetlands, coastlines and estuaries for their survival in the landscape.

Published in Issue 160