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Monday, 22 July 2019 01:56

Tossi field day

Tossi field day

At the recent Volunteers Day at Tawharanui Regional Park, one of the tasks was to weed the new plants that had been put in last year beside the Bird Hide.

The Lagoon at Jones Bay has been very busy now with various water bird life and they are not at all worried about the Hide built there in 2013. It’s a great place to sit and enjoy the scene.

With the grassy area behind the Hide, a decision was made to disguise it with bush. So the volunteers planted low shrubs there last year.

Sadly a family of rabbits moved into the area and many of the plants have been eaten badly. So now netting has been used around individual plants. Also many of the rabbits have been discretely removed.

A trailer load of mulch has also been useful to place around the plants to keep them moist in the extreme summer heat.
Patte Williams

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