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Ambrose Aquila (Andy) Gurney

Written by Jim Law.
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Ambrose Aquila (Andy) Gurney had a great send off Ambrose Aquila (Andy) Gurney had a great send off Jim Law

Ambrose Aquila (Andy) Gurney had a great send off

Died July 28 2015, aged 85. DUNZ Life member. It was a memorable occasion and Andy got the send off he deserved. Close to 40 attended. The Celebrant was outstanding.
I followed and with a long list of people who had sent their condolences and commented about his tireless contribution to everything he took part in. I also paid tribute to the incredible support Andy had received from - Joan, Duncan and Barry Silvester.

Allan Wilde read a delightful poem on Andy’s duck shooting exploits.

There were some impressive photos of Andy in the foyer and his coffin was draped in a camo net, with a pair of his boots and a pair of mallard decoys.
John Blatchford informed us of this:
Ambrose - A male name: from a Greek word meaning “Immortal”.
Aquila - Latin, meaning “Eagle” So, Andy was – Immortal Eagle – We think he would have been proud of that.

Neil Hayes
Andy lived in Featherston and was a life member of DUNZ.
Through his friends, Joan and Duncan Smith, Andy arranged for five duck prints he had accumulated over the years to be donated to DU to be auctioned at this year’s conference, with the proceeds going to wetland restoration. Jim Campbell collected the prints and they were duly auctioned.

PS. Duncan mentioned that Andy has an Argo 8*8 that his executors will want to sell. Again, Duncan would be the person to contact. I also have a few details.

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