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Monday, 19 March 2018 06:58

Rare and interesting sighting

Written by ssac Conservation and Wildlife Trust
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Five plumed whistling ducks were sighted on a Kokatahi farm near Hokitika on the South Island’s west coast a few weeks ago and reported to the Department of Conservation.
These plumed whistling ducks are a striking waterfowl species endemic to Australia.
Formerly considered of rare occurrence in New Zealand (recorded eight time during the 20th century, small flocks have occurred at least six times since 2000.
Most sightings have been of small flocks (about 14 birds) at the western edge of New Zealand, but birds have reached Hawke’s Bay (Napier, two were still present in February this year) and the Chatham Islands (two different flocks of three, both in 2011).
Supplied by the Issac Conservation and Wildlife Trust.


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