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Monday, 21 October 2019 09:24

A marvellous way to see Hauraki Gulf

One of this year’s auction items was a two-night fishing trip in the Hauraki Gulf for four people. Kees Weytmans has been there, done that, so here’s what this year’s winners can expect.

At the 2018 conference auction in Hamilton, John and Diny Dermer and Kees and Kay Weytmans won the two-night fishing trip in the Hauraki Gulf on Brian and Wendy Simmons’ 40-foot launch.

It was an all expenses paid trip; food (breakfast, lunch and dinner), private cabins, wine, beer and all the fishing gear.

Late February 2019 was the date that suited everyone and so on a Friday afternoon, we were welcomed on to the launch.

Now, I have done many things in my life (some of which have not been done by many others...) but I never been on a “boat” this size – just MARVELLOUS!

Brian and Wendy were the most hospitable hosts you could have wished for. The conversation was lively, always interesting. We came well prepared with Sea-Legs tablets but we didn’t need them. The beer and wine flowed freely and the Drambuie was on tap. Wendy can make really nice meals in a reasonably small place and we ate well.

Brian, with his all encompassing knowledge about the landscape, scenery, history and who owns which boat and which bach was an ever-entertaining host.

We visited Governor George Grey’s mansion as well as an old copper mine.

The fishing was excellent in that we caught many, many fish. And that’s what’s it about – the thrill of the catch. Unfortunately we had put most of them back due to size. But there was plenty for the next morning’s breakfast.

We like to thank Brian and Wendy for them being most generous. We had a wonderful time with them.

And Kay and I would like to express our best wishes for a speedy recovery for Brian after his fall. Only at the last conference, did we hear about his accident. We wish him well.

This year the Weytmans and the Dermers won an auction for a night at Blue Duck Lodge.




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Thursday, 05 September 2019 09:16

Auction - fun and drama

New auctioneer gets the dollars

Two successful auctions, one silent, the other noisy and very lively, kept members alert with lots of laughter to boot.

Auctioneer Dan Steele successfully filled the big shoes left by Bob Wood who sadly died in February this year. Dan’s banter was every bit as funny as Bob’s had been, and he cajoled many a bidder to go “just that little bit higher”.

The main auction raised $5255, the silent  auction plus the raffle raised $1540. All thanks to those members who donated some amazing items for the auctions and the raffle.


Published in Issue 157
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